Shanti Sue Margaretha Versnel

In 2016 I graduated from the study Spacial Design at Cibap in Zwolle. I continued my education at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam where I graduated Cum Laude in 2021 from the study Product Design in the Social Practice.
During these last few years, I have started to create my own view on the world of design and discovered my fields of interest. Crafts is one of these interests and goes hand in hand with craftsman. I enjoy meeting experts, see production process in real life and understand the stories behind materials and the people who work with them.
From there I work to communicate this story to a broader audience, sending the message that objects, materials and raw resources, don’t just appear. There are great communities behind it with skilled hands and years of knowledge. 
Graduation Show - Willem de Kooning Academy 2021 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Foam Visions - Dutch Design Week 2019 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Design District 2019 - Van Nelle Fabriek - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Design District 2018 - Van Nelle Fabriek - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Reliëf 2016 - Luxor - Arnhem, The Netherlands
Graduation show - Cibap 2016, Het Langhuis - Zwolle, The Netherlands
Drempelprijs Social Design WDKA 2021
Research Award WDKA 2021
Langhuis Talent Award, 2016 - Publieksprijs
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